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Remove the water linefrom the valve or fitting at floor or wall

 Spray this valve with a little oil also. I use WD-40.DON'T - Forget to check your flu pipe from your hot water tankto the chimney for leakage of fumes.DON'T - Leave your water valves rust shut. Put some oil on thestem and open and close them a few times. If it leaks at thestem use a crescent wrench and tighten bonnet nut at the handle. Spray a little oil on the whole valve. Keeps from rusting.Here are some of the things I have removed years of homeplumbing calls: Small bottlesyo-yo ' stooth brushestoys of all kindswire odor tabletscigarette lightersgolf ballslids and capscar keyshair curlersfalse teethcream jarswalletscombsknick-knackspens and pencilsDO - Keep these items away from the toiletTo repair, use a tube of tub & tilecaulking seal.DO - Put anti-freeze in all sink drains and bath and showerdrains, enough to fill the traps.DO - If you wish, remove traps on sinks, but be sure and plug upopen line, to keep out sewer gas fumes.HOW TO INSTALL A NEW TOILETIf your toilet is old and in need of repairs, it is reallycheaper to install a new one.  This is the easiest of all theplumbing jobs in the home to do and if you follow my simpleinstructions you can put yours in yourself.1.  Shut off the water to the toilet, use a bucket and a clothor a sponge to remove the water left in tank and bowl after youflush the toilet.2.  Using a pair of channel pliers, or a small pipe wrench (8"),remove the nut where the water line fastens to the ballcockvalve under the left side of the bottom of the tank. Next use asmall crescent wrench, remove the two 1/4" nuts holding the bowlto the floor flange.  Remove old toilet.  Remove the water linefrom the valve or fitting at floor or wall.3.  Now you are ready to install your new toilet.  Put the two1/4" bolts in the side holes of the flange with the bolt head inthe flange. Put some of the old wax at this spot to hold thebolts straight up and across from each other. Put new wax ringon flange, flat side up if tapered.4.  Set new bowl only straight down so it centers on wax ringand both bolts come through holds on each side of bowl.  Sit onbowl facing wall until your weight puts bowl flush with thefloor. Put metal washers and nuts on bolts and tighten untilsnug.  Do not over-tighten as you can crack the bowl. Tightenthese again after toilet is completely installed and filled withwater.5.  Next put 2" rubber gasket on tank where it sets on the bowl,put rubber washers on bolts provided under the bolt head so theywill be on the inside of the tank.  Pick up tank and set on bowlover holes in bowl where bolts go through.  Sit on bowl facingwall.  Put bolts on from the inside of the tank into holes inbowl, put on metal washers and nuts and tighten.  Hold tanklevel and tighten so it brings tank down level.




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